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Saturday January 6th - 2024 - 6th Edition of the Winter Mountain Running Series Begins!- 8 AM - @ Badger Mountain  

Badger All Routes Pic.JPG
Winter Mtn Running Schedule 2023 pic.JPG


Come walk/jog/run with us! All paces ages and abilities welcome! This is for hikers too!

Starting January 6th each Saturday we will be running/hiking a different mountain in the region to prepare for Laliik 25/11k/5k on March 2nd. We will be starting the run at 8 AM at each given location. More information will be provided each week for each specific mountain run but in general we have a short summit route and a longer summit route. We encourage all to carpool to the mountains that are further out.

This is a great way to set the training foundation for your yearly activities. It helps all of us to get motivated to train in the tougher cold winter months, to learn new trails, and to meet new people. We encourage all to use this as stepping stone to prep for Race Up the Snake, which then catapults us into our spring, summer, and fall adventures.

Awards: You must first register for Laliik 25k/11k/5k (this is where we primarily get the funds for the series) And

If you attend 4 out of the 7 mountain runs from January 7th to February 18th you will get a free Mountain Runner Shirt.

Attend 5 of the 7 you will receive a free Mountain Runners Shirt and a Mountain Runner Award.


Attend all 7 and you will receive a free Mountain Runner Shirt, Mountain Runner Custom Award, and a Mountain Runner Jacket.

                                 Winter Mountain Runs 2023

Red Winter Mtn Run 2023.jpg
Rattlesnake Winter Mtn Run 2023.jpg
Jump Off Joe Winter Mtn Run 2023.jpg

                                 Winter Mountain Runs 2022

Badger Winter Mtn Run 2022.jpg
Jan 8 2022 Mtn Run.jpg
Lincoln Grade Mtn Run 2022.jpg
Red Mountain Winter Mtn Run 2022.jpg
McBee Winter Run 2022.jpg
Rattlesnake Mtn Run 2022.jpg
Vertical Mile 2022.jpg
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