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Tuesday August 20th - 5:30 PM - @ Columbia Point Marina Park
Come walk/jog/run with us! All age paces abilities welcome! We will meet at Columbia Point Marina Park near the playground near Lulu and go 3 -5 Miles north on the Columbia River Path. We hope to see you there!



We appreciate the support of these businesses who help Runners of the Sage "RUN!"

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2024 Weekly Runs

April 23rd 2024 Chiawana.jpg
April 30th 2024 Seedball Run.jpg
March 19th 2024 LIGO Run.jpg
April 16th 2024 Delta.jpg
May 7th 2024 Dig the Dirt.jpg

2023 Weekly Runs

Jan 10 2023.jpg
Feb 7th 2023.jpg
Feb 21st 2023.jpg
Feb 14th 2023.jpg
Feb 28th 2023.jpg
March 7th 2023.jpg
Year 6 - Runners of the Sage 2023.jpg
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Previous Weekly Group Run Photos

Nov 29th 2022.jpg
May 31st 2022 Run.jpg
June 14th 2022 Run.jpg
October 4th 2022.jpg
May 17th 2022 Run.jpg
Aug 23rd Run Taylored Living.jpg
May 3rd 2022 Dig the Dirt.jpg
May 24th 2022.jpg
Sept 20th 2022.jpg
April 12th 2022 Gallus Gallus 2 Mile Dash.jpg
May 10th 2022 Garden Run.jpg
Sept 6th 2022.jpg
March 15th 2022 Honey Run.jpg
April 26th 2022 Spring BBQ.jpg
March 8th 2022.jpg
June 7th 2022 Run.jpg
Feb 8 2022 Run.jpg
March 22nd 2022 Chiawana Park Run.jpg
Aug 30th Run.jpg
March 29th 2022 Tapteal Native Plants.jpg
Feb 1 2022 Run.jpg
Jan 25th 2022 Run.jpg
Jan 18th 2022 Run.jpg
Jan 11th 2022 Run.jpg
Vertical Mile 2022.jpg
Rattlesnake Mtn Run 2022.jpg
McBee Winter Run 2022.jpg
Red Mountain Winter Mtn Run 2022.jpg
Jan 8 2022 Mtn Run.jpg
Cookie Run Group Pic 2021.jpg
Nov 30 2021.jpg
Jan 4 2022 Run.jpg
Badger Winter Mtn Run 2022.jpg
Nov 16 2021.jpg
Group pic 9-7-21.jpg
Best Lookin' Cookies 2021.jpg
Nov 30 2021 Group Run.jpg
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